The Difference Between B2B

Business to business, or B2B sales, is related to the selling of products and services from one business to another.  B2B sales relationships are continually developing and typically have a longer lifespan, as the processes involved in closing a sale is lengthier. B2B sales include a decision making process that characteristically needs more than one individual signing off.

Business to consumer, or B2C sales, is related to the selling of products to one individual consumer. An example of B2C includes retail sales, as the items sold are directly targeted and consumed by one individual person. In general, the B2C sales cycle is shorter, as the consumer is encouraged to purchase the product on the spot. In addition, B2C selling does not usually include more than one individual in the decision making process.

1. B2B and B2C sales both require a unique sales process with a well-defined strategy, regardless of their length.

2. B2B and B2C sales both require a strong alignment with marketing. If marketing communications are weak, sales will suffer on both sides.

3. Customer service is vital regardless of the type of selling in question. It is important that the customer or organization consuming your products and services have the ability to reach the service team and are attended at the top level.

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