Top Business Benefits of Continuous

Automated software delivery pipelines help organizations respond to market changes better. The need for speed is of utmost importance to reduce shelf time of new features. With a low Time2Market, organizations have a better chance to outmaneuver their competition and stay in business.

Remember that speed by itself is not a success metric. Without quality, speed is useless. There is no value in having continuous delivery pipelines shoot erroneous code into production at speed

Productivity translates to happiness, and happy teams are more engaged.

Productivity increases when tedious and repetitive tasks, like filling out a bug report for every defect discovered, can be performed by pipelines instead of humans. This lets teams focus on vision while pipelines do the execution. And who doesn’t want to delegate the heavy-lifting to tools?

Teams investigate issues reported by their pipelines and once they commit the fix, pipelines run again to validate whether the problem was fixed and if new problems were inadvertently introduced.

Businesses aim to win marathons, not just sprints. We know that cutting ahead of the pack takes grit. Consistently staying ahead of the pack can be even harder. It takes discipline and rigor. Working hard 24/7 will lead to premature burnouts. Instead, work smart, and delegate the repetitive work to machines, which by the way don’t need coffee breaks and don’t talk back!

Every organization, whether or not a tech company, is using technology to differentiate. Automated pipelines reduce manual labor and lead to eventual savings since personnel is more expensive than tools. The steep upfront investment can cause concern to inexperienced leadership, however, well-designed pipelines position organizations to innovate better and faster to meet their customers’ needs. CD provides the business with more flexibility in how it delivers features and fixes. Specific sets of features can be released to specific customers, or released to a subset of customers, to ensure they function and scale as designed. Features can be tested and developed, but left dormant in the product, baking for multiple releases. Your marketing department wants that “big splash” at the yearly industry convention? With continuous delivery, it’s not only possible, it’s a trivial request.

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